Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coco Loco Sundaes for Two

This post really belongs on the new site about healthy hedonism, but as I'd like to play with the Chocolate Covered Katie folks, and the new site's not ready, well, I'll post here.


I created a couple of coco loco sundaes for Katie's contest.

This love of a breakfast sundae was decadence in a martini glass. Usually I like peanut butter blended into my chocolate, but to include the husband I left it out. He gobbled his down even faster than I did!

The Sundae:

A base of chocolate and blonde raw macaroons, cut in pieces. Layers of bananas alternated with whipped cashew coconut creme, a vanilla-y pillowy delight. Chocolate agave sauce drizzled and dripped throughout, while pecans lent their nutty crunch. The best and final touch? Frozen bing cherries, pitted by hand. These guys loved the creme! And we loved them.

Now we need a shower as we are both covered in chocolate!

I think I could really wrap my mind around this sundae for breakfast business. Next time with my chia/banana/cocoa soft serve as the base.