Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Good Habit To Make

They say, whoever they are, that if you can do something for 21 Days you can do it forever. Now mind you, I don't intend to shun my favorite bottle of Aglianico forever, just because I'm doing it for these 21 Days, but there are some habits I'm re-establishing now that I'd like to hold on to. So the truth is, this isn't only a cleanse, it's a lifestyle window, a time of making some new inroads in my old grey matter and keeping some of them around for a while.

Here's a habit I'd like to keep: paying attention. I had a plan for today. It involved blending the carrot juice I bought yesterday into a frozen pumpkin pie like concoction. But when I got to the moment, the truth was, I didn't want it. It was wrong for the day. Yes, that's a frozen treat, but sweet potato and pumpkin pie flavors in 90 degree weather apparently does not work for me. Enter the avocolada. Just perfect. Avocado, frozen pineapple, coconut water, some vanilla and stevia. Yummy and light. Perfectly tropical for today.

But that's an easy one. It's harder when the choices are bigger. Today I am on the "21 Day" plan, and I knew I would have a smoothie. Another time, the question might be more like "should I give in and eat the pancakes with the hubby, or do I hold fast and order the fruit plate?" Now that's a question where really paying attention is important. Do I actually want a pancake and I'll feel better if I don't deprive myself? Or have I been indulging for a couple of days and this will just make me feel bad? Is it a real want, and will add to my date experience with my husband, or is it an "oh hell" moment, as in "I've already had pasta and pizza this week, so oh hell what's a pancake or two?"

So that's another reason these 21 Days will (hopefully) be helpful. I get green. I reset my taste buds. I take time and get used to paying attention. And hopefully when I reach the other side and widen my choices a little, I'll have gotten more in tune with my body and emotions, and I'll say yes to that lush, delicious Aglianico only when it will truly do me right.

Meantime, I have a serious craving for the raw Wild Greens and Avocado sandwich at Caravan of Dreams. If I pay attention right now I find that I'm REALLY hungry. And I want to satisfy that craving sooner rather than later...2nd series is tomorrow and we all know pashasana works better on an empty belly.

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