Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Rant: How Eco Should I Go?

I know it's on everyone's mind lately, and yet I can't help but share my thoughts and questions on green living. How green do I need to be? At the upstate house we're trying not to put anything chemical at all in the water system. Not only do we have spring water in our house (amazing!), but our whole area is the watershed for NYC's reservoir. Do I really want the residue from Soft Scrub Gel with Bleach in my water at home in Brooklyn? I THINK NOT! But there are certain things that are just not working for me.

Hair conditioner. It's a problem. I can't find a single biodegradable hair conditioner that works even a little bit. I have one favorite hair conditioner. I use a quarter sized amount every other day. And I can't seem to give it up. Shampoo is iffy, but there are a few good ones, and I think there'll be more as I experiment a little. But I think the conditioner stays. How guilty should I feel?

Here's another thing, skincare. I went to the dermatologist for a persnickety skin issue, and she told me to use cetaphil to clean my face. It's supposed to be the gentlest thing around. Now the list of ingredients is almost entirely chemical/petroleum based. There's propylene glycol, methylparaben and a bunch of other unpronounceable stuff. I have been trying to use as much truly natural skincare as possible lately. I mean your skin is an organ, that stuff is getting filtered straight into your system! But both the dermatologist and the aesthetician (who happens to be a very holistic/natural type) say that nothing natural does any good. All the advanced technology is the stuff that works. I find that more depressing than anything else. And mostly I refuse to believe it. But so far I'm not having any luck!

And finally, this is a really small one in the scheme of things I guess, but our new eco friendly toilet is too tall for me. What, only tall people care for the environment? Yes, the dual flush is great on our septic system. But I feel like an absolute child with my feet swinging inches from the floor. Oh well, time for a step stool.

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