Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 2

Well, it must be getting a little easier. I was up before the alarm, at 3:45, just because I'd apparently slept enough. I'm emailing with friends in Mysore. Must be afternoon there. And watching Olympic skating while drinking my homemade latte and loving the cat. It's amazing. Cat's don't base their neediness on time of day. He's just as clingy at 4:17 as at 8 in the evening.

So, yes, I do make lattes at 4 am. I don't just make a salad, I make a perfectly gourmet meal, never forgetting to toast the almonds, use lots of avocado, find the best, most wonderful EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar possible. My yoginess has not yet translated to austerity. More a shift of the enjoyment to vegetarian cooking. I think I had some idea I'd stop caring about the things I care about somehow, as I went forward with the yoga. But no, this is not the process really. Care without gripping, attachment, addiction is the goal. But this is a tough one for me! Hence, my favorite thing of the moment, a 4 am latte. If I didn't get it I would not cry, mind you, but I would get SOME sort of coffee. Well, I'll work on that when the hour's not so early.

The big thing is the teaching. I love it. It feels like the students are pleased too. And there are lots of them! Even the huge tall guys are getting something from my teaching, and it's so rewarding. More than that, even if I'm more tired in general, my practice doesn't seem to be really suffering yet. True, it's early in the process. Were I to be teaching full time I'd have to sustain the energy and health over days/weeks/months/years. Sadly, this is not in the cards immediately anyway. But I don have little daydreams about the regular teacher being detained and getting another month out of the situation.

Oh well, here's something yogic. Be in the moment! I still have a week and a half left, and the students are waiting for me. Time to hop into yoga clothes and hit the pavement!

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