Friday, October 1, 2010

Living Room Rainy Day Yoga

I did it I did it! That's right, I got on the mat by myself. I woke up this rainy Friday, and realized there was no way I was getting on the subway, traipsing around Union Square and getting soaked just to do Primary series. Usually this means I don't end up practicing (shock and horror!), but I've been on such a roll with my six and seven day weeks, that I just couldn't stand to break the streak. And Fridays are such a nice easy day to do alone. So I put a cup of coffee in my husband's hand, parked him on the sofa, and hopped on the mat.

Wheeee! I did a sweaty and focused primary, cheated and tacked on half of second and one pose of third, then did long long finishing. Ok, I did the shortest of all savasanas. I had a coconut shake chillin' in the fridge and couldn't wait to get to it, but other than that I stayed pretty true to the program. So, maybe I am growing up a little! If I know I can get some steady instruction many days of the week, one day on my own may actually be nice. I did an hour and a half of practice with no travel time, no flooded F train and no rush hour commute. Now that doesn't suck!

And now a word on coconut smoothies. They are one of the best breakfasts ever. Smooth, creamy, rich, satisfying, and totally healthy. Interestingly, young thai coconuts are totally balanced from an Ayurvedic perspective. The water is cooling and cleansing while the meat is grounding and warming, so together they make a good meal for any dosha. Also, and now I'm just justifying the addiction perhaps, they're said to be amazingly high in potassium and electrolytes, they've got healthy medium chain fatty acids in the meat, and great protein to boot. What can beat that?

To make, shave off the spongy white part on the top of the young coconut. Whack at the thing with a heavy knife, in sort of a square around the top, then turn the knife over and whack really hard with the back of the blade till coconut shavings and water are flying everywhere. Now the top should come off. Pour the water into a blender, scoop out the meat/jelly depending on how old the coconut is. Add vanilla, stevia and sometimes pumpkin pie spice to taste. Blend and slurp!

This is what it will look like after all the work.

Seriously, it may sound like a weird thing, but it is so good I have to hide from the husband while drinking it or it might get usurped!

And speaking of which, if only I could get him moving we could get upstate and get cooking. Literally. We have to take down the garden this weekend and harvest the basil. Pesto time! And I think a blustery fall day in the mountains may call for a batch of my hearty beet borscht with horseradish macadamia cream, a vegetarian dish even my carnivorous husband enjoys. Wonder of wonders.

Question of the day: What's your favorite warming fall dish? Does your whole family love it, or do they just think you're weird?

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