Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Practice and Progress!

Today was my first day practicing again with the Woodstock group! Woo hoo! I wanted to go a week ago, but it was just foolish. I wasn't ready, and neither was my foot. Still, it was great to do it finally today. I did a whole hour, every pose that wouldn't put pressure on the foot from both first and second series, plus a couple of third, a few restorative poses, some inversions and savasana. This may not sound very exciting, but trust me, it was. I even did Kapotasana! I put a pillow under the ankle of the injured leg and just dropped right back. Who knew I could do that with the cast??? Sometimes all it takes is a little ingenuity and a leap of faith. Now if only I could bring that to the rest of my life!

I got home to Brooklyn and was immediately overwhelmed by how much I can't do, how much there is to be done, and how tired I am. I didn't sleep well last night and got up early early for the first time in two weeks. Well, I guess every day has its ups and downs.

I guess one lesson from the weekend is that sometimes doing nothing is the right thing to do. Sometimes I should just sit down and be still for a while. Whatever I'm trying to figure out will not come clear from "rattling around" like I do. Maybe that's the broken-foot lesson from today. I waited for a while and then was finally able to do some yoga. And If I'd waited a while yesterday before trying to make my day "happen" it might just have come together perfectly on its own.

Do you ever psych yourself out? Second guess your decisions? What techniques work for you to help things "come clear"?

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