Saturday, October 16, 2010


I did it I did it! I spent 20 minutes on the mat. No, it wasn't practice as I may have defined it before the injury, but I did do a focused 20 minutes and used ujayi breathing, so it counts.

Here's what: although I am a very active person, and I am addicted to my practice, I find it hard to get on the mat by myself. More than that, too, the structure of ashtanga is what makes it possible. I know that I practice Sunday through Friday. I do second series on Sunday, Primary on Friday, and Third Series every day in between. Now that it's all figuring it out and seeing what works with the foot in each moment, I'm incredibly unfocused and unmotivated. But because I can feel the difference in my body and energy when I don't practice, I must make it happen!

This is a serious exercise in setting an intention. What I need to do for the next month I think, is clear a space in my head for the yoga. Set it as a time that I just cannot do anything else, just as if I were going to the studio, and whatever I do or do not do on the mat, I will not let myself get up and use the computer and pick up the phone or do the laundry within that window. It's again setting a habit. Just like the 21 day cleanse, I must set a goal for a new kind of yoga habit. It is possible, I saw that today. I feel so much better! So now I know, just like that first time I did Karandavasana or stood up from a backbend, that it is possible. All it takes is a concerted effort to make it happen again.

Is there something in you life that you both love and have a resistance to? What habit would you like to establish this fall?

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