Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sad on the Sofa

Ok, so I had a long winded post detailing the ups and downs, the pros and cons of the state of my foot and not doing yoga. But guess what, I am no Pollyanna. At least not today. There are all kinds of projects I can do on the computer. All kinds of posting of recipes (made a killer chickpea stew last night) and many magazines, books and blogs to read. But today I am just not happy about it. And that's that. My friends are all down the hill practicing yoga and I am green like my smoothie with jealousy. Yes, I'll get over it. No, not yet.

I realize this is not much of a post, and there's very little here to interact with, but I just wanted to get my voice out there, and I'm not happy enough to make it a big involved tale.

Happy Tuesday.

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